Friday, October 23, 2009


This is the 485th post on Infelix Ego.

It is also—at least for the time being—the last.

Those who still bother to drop by in the hope of finding fresh material will have noticed that posting has been light in 2009, and since July has dried up almost entirely.

Personal circumstances have changed. Melancholicus is no longer employed at the university, does not have the same unfettered access to the internet he once enjoyed, and in any case is now preparing to uproot himself from Ireland and move—permanently—to the United States, where it will no doubt take him some time to establish himself and have at his disposal both the leisure and facilities requisite for blogging.

Melancholicus is now also married to a wonderful young woman. Grateful thanks are extended—from both of us—to those readers who have offered their prayers on our behalf, and to those especially who attended our wedding.

Now Melancholicus is preparing to join his wife in the state of Washington. He has received his K-3 visa, and will depart these shores finally in late November.

He hopes to resurrect Infelix Ego some time in the future, circumstances permitting, but that time is probably far distant. Until then there shall be no fresh posting. However, as he has a large number of posts in draft from past months, he may be able to publish one of these from time to time. That will be the only updating of this blog until further notice, and not all of these drafts are suitable for publication anyway since they concern analysis of news stories and suchlike that are now out of date and no longer relevant.

But Infelix Ego will remain live, to edify, amuse, bore, annoy, embitter or infuriate those whom Google shall send this way.

There is now nothing left to do but to thank you all for reading, and for offering your comments—even if I responded to less than half of these. Particular gratitude is extended to those fellow bloggers who were so generous as to provide me with links. I shall not embarrass you; suffice it to say you know who you are, and I am most grateful.

Oremus pro invicem!


Ego non iam infelix, Melancholicus, peccator

Friday, October 02, 2009

Yet another reason to vote No

Should the Lisbon Treaty be ratified, we, the proud citizens of the glorious new European State, can look forward to having this man as the first Priest-King of the new Empire, or “President”, as he shall be officially known.

Yes, Tony “Faith Foundation” Blair.

One step closer to the End of Days.

Lisbon in a nutshell

If Ireland should reject the Lisbon Treaty again, the Commissars will punish us by withholding all the cash they weren’t going to give us anyway if we had voted Yes.