Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a note to say I'm still alive

To my few faithful readers that have persevered in visiting this blog over the last three weeks in the hope of finding some fresh posts for their entertainment, all I can say is ... sorry.

I have rather a lot on my mind at present, and this has rendered me somewhat uncommunicative and less inclined to post.

This is unfortunate, since there are so many fascinating things going on in both Church and State at the present time, not to mention the catastrophe now snowballing through the Anglican Communion ... but personal circumstances being what they are, I am preoccupied and unable to reflect on anything else except that which preoccupies me.

I am meeting my beautiful fiancée this evening—she is in Ireland at present—and she will doubtless notice how preoccupied I am and invite me to explain.

So concerned souls may like to offer a prayer. Or two. Or whatever. In any case, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. For regardless of personal circumstances, life—and Infelix Ego—must go on.

Faithfully yours,

Infelix ego, Melancholicus, peccator

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