Thursday, August 07, 2008

Burn hollywood, burn!

You lied, you faked
You cheated, you changed the stakes
Magnet toss that pie in the sky
Unrehearsed, let the bubbles burst
All in all, a three-ring circus
Of unity with parody
Tragedy or comedy
Probably publicity

Lose myself inside your schemes
Go for the money, honey
Not the screen
Be a movie star, blah blah blah
Go the whole hog
Be bigger than God

Remember this when it first came out? Although Mr. Lydon may not have had the blasphemous, grasping, tyrannical, elitist, left-leaning, revolutionary institution that is the conciliar church in mind, the song nevertheless applies perfectly thereto. For what else is the conciliar church but a hollywood church, or the ecclesiastical version of a most sinister Disneyworld?

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