Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The things one sees on the highway

Yesterday evening, after checking on his students in the exam hall at the RDS, Melancholicus was driving through Ballsbridge on his way back to the north side.

He stopped at traffic lights at the junction of Anglesey Road, and noticed that the vehicle in front of him—a silver 2008 Nissan Note with a Dublin registration—bore an Obama ’08 bumper sticker, obnoxiously displayed to the public view.

This is unusual in Ireland. It is uncommon to see vehicles on Irish roads registered in the state with bumper stickers of any sort, political or otherwise, never mind those to do with American presidential elections.

So it is typical that the very first one Melancholicus ever set eyes upon in this country should belong to a supporter of the Man of Sin, and he grunted to himself in sour disapproval behind the wheel.

When the lights turned green, the Obamobile moved into the lane to turn right onto Shelbourne Road, stopping at the junction thereto since the filter light had not yet appeared. Melancholicus remained in the northbound lane, since he was heading towards Morehampton Road, and as he passed the queue of traffic waiting for the Shelbourne filter light he turned his head to get a look at the driver.

The Obamobile was driven by a fat, dumpy-looking, middle-aged woman with an angry mien and a scowl that could crack a plate. Although Melancholicus cannot pretend to know this woman, or be privy to the secrets of her conscience, if appearance is anything to go by she looked every inch the radical feminist, and, if the truth be told, she looked more than a little like one of those ladies that prefers the bed-company of her own rather than the opposite sex. Melancholicus surmised that at the beginning of this year this woman must have been eagerly rooting for Hillary Clinton but, when the latter failed to win the Democratic nomination, decided to make the best of a bad job and root for the candidate otherwise most likely to deliver with respect to the feminist/abortionist/homosexualist agenda.

But why are liberals so angry? Why are they so eaten up with fury and hate? Are they not aware that all their cherished designs are, one by one, gradually being realised? Have they not copped themselves on to the fact that their side, at least at the present time, is winning? Have they not, after all, secured the election of the Chosen One, at least where the US presidency is concerned?

Can they not be gracious in victory?

Can they not even manage a smile?

No, because just like the islamists, each fresh victory does not abate their hatred, but increases it.

Everyone who knows an ideological liberal can testify to the horrifying depths of bitterness, rage and even malice that lie seething beneath the surface, ready to spill over at the slightest provocation. A feature common to all totalitarian ideologies is an absolute intolerance of the existence of persons whose views differ from the ideological orthodoxy. Liberalism is no exception. Make no mistake about it, Liberalism is every bit as totalitarian as Nazism and Communism; it differs from these only in that its proponents have not yet secured sufficient raw power to impose their will violently upon their opponents and upon society at large.

Let us suppose that the liberals achieved all their objectives: not some, not most—but all. This is impossible since the indefectibility of the Church is divinely guaranteed until the end of time, but let us imagine for argument’s sake that it were so. Having completely revolutionised the social order and imposed all their cherished inversions and perversions (it is surely unnecessary to list these); having attained such total control over education and the dissemination of information that every last member of society could not help but be thoroughly indoctrinated in their ideology, without any possibility of opting out (so no homeschooling or anything similar); having disposed of persons who somehow managed to evade this indoctrination or showed themselves capable of independent thought by the expedient of having them confined to psychiatric wards, lobotomised or ‘euthanised’, would they then, finally, be happy?

If traditional morality and the Christian religion were eradicated completely, would they then rest content, delighted with their achievements and with the heaven on earth they believe they can decree into being?

Or would they not rather find themselves bereft of all purpose and desire, since there would be no-one left to hate?


Alaisdir Ua Seaghdha said...

Well, Melancholius, you can consult Dostoyevsky's 'The Devils' on this one. The character Ivan Shatov is a former revolutionary modelled on the author himself. His observation on the revolutionaries is to say that their whole outlook is based on hatred, hatred of the world and all in it. And the worst thing that can happen to them is that they get their utopia and that it is every bit the paradise they predict it will be. Because then they will have nothing left to hate and they will have nothing more to live for.

The supporters of Obama are not so badly off, as he has already flipped on many of his so-called core-causes.

Melancholicus said...

Indeed, since different factions within his support base do not see eye to eye, hence he must displease one to retain the loyalty of the other. For obvious reasons Obama cannot afford to alienate the African American vote, and 'gay rights' issues are of considerably less importance to African Americans than they are to the white, middle-class, university-educated elite; remember the outburst of what can only be described as racist fury from the homosexual lobby and their hangers-on following their recent failure in California to stop Proposition 8 (restricting the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman).

After the euphoria of his election victory, it will be interesting to watch the disillusion setting in among the liberal cohort as they gradually wake up to the fact that the "change" trumpeted constantly by the Obamessiah during his election campaign will in practical terms more closely resemble business as usual than the creation of their leftist utopia.

Nevertheless, Obama is still poised to do a great deal of damage, and he will, if he thinks he can get away with it.