Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Smasher R.I.P.

Alas, the Irish blogosphere is a sadder, colder, more joyless place than it was until lately.

For the incomparable Smasher has fared forth, perhaps to pastures greener, where one need never be anxious about dodgy homilies, mediocre bishops, or liturgical abuse.

The late savant’s obituary notice, posted by his widow Bellatrix, is so poignant it brings a tear to the eye.

With Smasher gone, who shall bait Donal McKeown for us? Who?

But since we are Christians and believe in the resurrection, we might express the hope that perhaps Smasher shall resurface at some point in the future, maybe under a different identity, and continue to edify and amuse...

Of course Smasher isn’t really dead. But he has quit blogging. Explanation here.

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