Friday, May 30, 2008

End of hiatus

As the reader will no doubt have foregathered, Melancholicus has returned from the western extremities of the United States and is once more ensconced in his wonted abode on the emerald isle. And for those of you who cannot read either Latin or Norwegian, he wishes to announce he is engaged to be married. Yes, he has met the woman of his dreams; although she is not a traditionalist (yet!), she is devout and has a great love for almighty God and His blessed mother. If she’s a Catholic, that means there’s a trad in there somewhere, and Melancholicus shall do his level best in the years ahead to draw said trad out.

Melancholicus’ life had been rather static, changeless and wholly unfulfilling since his departure from the seminary, and despite the fact that he makes a reasonable amount of money, life seemed to him to be going nowhere. And so he started this blog to give vent to his bitterness and frustration. A mere four days after first posting to Infelix Ego, very much by chance, he met the woman to whom he is now engaged, although he never dared imagine at the time that it would come to this!

Almighty God does indeed work, as they say, in mysterious ways, and he often gives their hearts desire to those who love Him when they least expect it.

Owing to the fact that Melancholicus is an Irishman resident in Ireland, and his fiancee an American resident in the U.S., someone must be prepared to uproot themselves and move permanently to the country of the other, if any attempt at married life is to be possible at all.

Accordingly, the wedding shall take place in Ireland (in this church, Deo volente), but our conjugal life shall be transacted in the bride’s home town in the state of Washington. And so Melancholicus shall move to Tacoma, attempt to adjust to permanent residency in the U.S. and try to find a reasonably well-paying job (easier said than done in these times of economic uncertainty) to support his wife and, ultimately, whatever children it may please God to grant us.

He will also have, for the first time in his life, to obtain a mortgage and buy a house, which prospect he finds perfectly terrifying, although he is looking forward finally to the challenge of being paterfamilias in his own domain.

Speaking of children, these will of course be brought up in the knowledge and reverence of Catholic Tradition, which shall include attendance at the Traditional Mass, and they shall be as strangers to the rite known commonly as Novus Ordo.

All this shall not take place for at least another year, since we are not due to tie the knot until July 2009. In the meantime, however, Melancholicus shall continue posting to Infelix Ego on matters of religious and political interest, and on whatever subjects succeed in claiming his passing interest, for as long as time and workload permit him.

For this, to quote Churchill, is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

And let us say once again with the psalmist, A Domino factum est istud, et mirabile in oculis nostris!


Can Bass 1 said...

Welcome back to civilisation, Melancholius

Mac McLernon said...

Many congratulations. Will Melancholicus be changing his name then? Or, at the very least, the name of his blog?? It doesn't seem quite right to be writing a blog called "Infelix ego" when you should, having found the woman of your dreams, be very felix indeed!

Keep us all posted!

MM said...

Congratulations Melancholicus! So it works out that you enter a new state of life in 2009 after all...

Melancholicus said...


Your congratulations and comments are all most welcome.

Now to answer Mulier Fortis’ question: Melancholicus will be changing neither his own name nor that of his blog. Although he is at present sitting pretty atop cloud nine, his temperament is still two parts melancholic and one part phlegmatic, dominated by cold, dry humours, and as a consequence his name is still a fitting epithet.

And as for the name of the blog, personal circumstances may have been sorted out, but our politicians are still corrupt and imcompetent, the Mahometans are still threatening what remains of western civilisation, the bishops are still either snoozing or sitting on their hands, the tyranny of political correctness still holds sway in government and media, the liturgy is still a disgrace (motu proprio notwithstanding), and God’s holy Church is still being dragged across the coals by the traducers within, so there is still plenty to be infelix about!

The title of this blog derives from a prayer composed by the unfortunate Savonarola, burned as an heretic in 1498 (see here), and set most beautifully to music by several of the great composers of the following century, of which the setting by Orlande de Lassus is Melancholicus’ favourite.

One of these days he shall try to make this wonderful recording available on his blog for the edification of his guests.

Mac McLernon said...

Oh... okay then!