Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Forthcoming hiatus

From tomorrow, Thursday 15 May, it is likely that there will be no further blogging at Infelix Ego until at least the end of the month. Melancholicus regrets this necessity, but at least he is able to advise his readers thereof in advance.

The reason for this is another trip to Tacoma to visit his sweetheart, during which time it is hardly likely he will have regular access to computers and such ... Melancholicus is sure there is no need for him to elaborate further.

Blogging will commence again in late May or early June — depending on workload and how long it takes him to recover from his jetlag.

In the meantime, gentle reader, please say a prayer for your humble host, that he might have a safe and pleasant journey, and that he might not have to endure again the bizarre (and rather frightening) interrogation by U.S. immigration at Sea/Tac to which he was subjected in March.

With grateful thanks,

Infelix ego, Melancholicus, peccator.

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