Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The baby boomer death clock

Some readers may consider this curiosity to be in rather poor taste, but Melancholicus had a good hearty laugh at it in any case.

He found it courtesy of Traditio in Radice, which in the past while has been resurrected.

The good fellows over at TiR also quoted this most apposite verse from sacred scripture (Numbers 14:33), which has since become one of Melancholicus’ favourites:

“Your children shall wander in the desert forty years, and shall bear your fornication, until the carcasses of their fathers be consumed in the desert”.

And have we not indeed been wandering in the desert forty years, since the wretched ’sixties, and Vatican II?

Let us look for a moment at the legacy of the baby boomers. This is best seen in their children — the confused, self-absorbed and navel-gazing Generation X. Gen X has a high rate of nihilism, apathy, drug and alcohol problems, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders, a fondness for angry, depressive and discordant music, and of course a sky-high rate of suicide. Think of Kurt Cobain (born 1967), or Beck (born 1970), who in 1994 sang that immortal lyric Soy un perdedor / I’m a loser baby / so why don’t you kill me, or basically anything by The Smashing Pumpkins. The existential situation of Generation X, or at least the stereotype thereof, is truly pathetic. However, one must not be surprised that we (for Melancholicus, born in 1972, is himself a Gen X’er) have turned out this way, for Generation X has had to wander in the desert bearing the fornications and whoredoms of our baby boomer parents, and the hand of the LORD is heavy upon us. After all, the sacred liturgy was mutilated on the boomers’ watch, and they failed to do anything about it, preferring instead to bequeath to their children a wilderness of clown masses, guitar masses, liturgical dancing and other puerilities, and a Catholic faith so emptied of its credal and dogmatic content that it can hardly be called a religion any more. The boomers’ watch also saw the introduction of no-fault divorce, abortion, the rise of the so-called “gay rights” which have led to the normalisation of sodomy, and now that they are reaching their senectude and are safely ensconced in governments all over the world, the boomers themselves are legislating in favour of euthanasia, embryo research, homosexual ‘marriage’ and numberless other aberrations. Even while they continue to hammer violently down on the nails in the coffin of western civilisation, they lack the spine to do anything about the Mohammedan threat, which in Melancholicus’ view at least, is the gravest peril to face the free world since the Third Reich.

Alas, we must wait until the last members of that accursed generation have been lowered into the ground before a true restoration, unimpeded by the inverted ideology of the world of the ’sixties, can finally begin.

As a definitive and final judgement on the legacy of the baby boomers, Melancholicus is reminded of a line of a song routinely hummed by a character in the WWII novels of Sven Hassel whenever battle was about to be joined:

Come now death, come!

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