Monday, January 07, 2008

Anno Domini MMVIII

It is now Monday, January 7th, and Melancholicus is once again in his office at the university, gloomily contemplating a huge stack of exam scripts awaiting grading on the table before him.

One of the perks of working in a university is that one invariably receives a satisfyingly lengthy Christmas holiday wherein to unwind and relax, and to recharge one’s batteries. Today is Melancholicus’ first day back on the job, and he has decided to ease himself into his duties gently, by first posting to Infelix Ego and afterwards turning his attention to matters of research and educational import.

Without further ado, Melancholicus notes that this is his first post of the year 2008, and accordingly he wishes to extend his warmest New Year’s greetings and felicitations to all his readers—or at the very least to that one visitor who was kind enough, just before the end of last year, to leave a comment on this post below.

Melancholicus also notes—not without a wee twinge of regret—that on March 1st this year, he would have been ordained to the diaconate had he persevered with his vocation. Ah well, never mind. As God wills, so be it done.

It has been a delightful Christmas, however, and Melancholicus is refreshed spiritually, emotionally and physically. He is always optimistic at the beginning of every new year, but this year seems somewhat different.

A sense of change is in the air. 2008 must surely bring with it some change of direction to this poor idiot’s life. Melancholicus would like to think that in 2008, something will happen for him, rather than happening to him. Perhaps he will recover his lost vocation. Perhaps, failing that, he will meet the woman of his dreams. Perhaps he will pass his fifth—yes, fifth!—driving test. Perhaps the parish will permit the celebration of a Mass in the so-called “extraordinary form”. Perhaps he will change his job (the university seems to want to keep him, but he’s not sure if he wishes in turn to keep the university); perhaps all these things will happen (well, the first two are mutually exclusive, but nonetheless) or perhaps, this year Melancholicus will be just a little less infelix. That alone would be worth the wait.

There is much promise in this new year. Should anyone reading this be moved to pray for any of the above intentions, Melancholicus would really, really like to have a full driving licence, to take the L-plates off his car, and to drive on motorways without having to worry about being stopped by the police.

But we will not let 2007 go without mentioning those to whom he is indebted for their kindness and for making that wretched year so much less unbearable amid so great an adversity. Melancholicus will not embarrass any living persons by enumerating their generosity, so he will confine himself instead to rendering his most heartfelt thanks to two in heaven — the Blessed Mother and St. Francis Xavier, both of whom really came through for him in a special way.

You see, gentle reader, there is a God. And prayer does work (eventually).

Are you sceptical? Give it a try.

And Melancholicus would like to inform his favourite protestant that the saints do intercede in heaven for those who ask them.

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