Monday, January 07, 2008

Intra in gaudium dominae tuae...

Melancholicus has never before laughed so hard in front of a computer screen.

Check out this hilarious parody of feminist fruit-and-nuttery. Bravo sisters! (if you don’t mind being addressed as such by a mere male).


Pat said...

Well, if you MUST know, we DO mind being addressed by a mere (good adjective!) male like yourself! I'm also shocked that you'd use such a sexist language for the title of this post!! It's everywhere all over this website!! I feel like I'm choking just looking at this site!!

What a rough day...I need another nip of womanhooch.


(thanks for the link, bro)

Darlene said...

Oh yes, infelix tu indeed .... and may the womanspirit forive my use of the patriarchal language of Latin. You speak as if our blog is anything less than totally sincere!!

[Stepping out of character for a minute, thanks indeed for the link. I actually found your blog through the sitemeter on our blog -- so SOME good has come from such a disordered idea after all, anyway. God bless!]

feminique said...

"fruit-and-nuttery"? FRUIT-AND-NUTTERY?!

This inability to take us seriously is indicative of the narrow-mindedness that's all over your site!

GAH! I need to go shred some brocade...

Melancholicus said...

Ye are all right welcome, lassies.

I was orignally going to say "ladies", but that word contains an offensive three-letter combination, namely "lad", which as you know, refers to male beings.

The feminine of a lad is a lass, so I guess it has to be lassies.

I have added your site to my link list. I am delighted to see that the furious rage so characteristic of the feminist movement has not yet been completely drained from it.

Pardon me, as it is not the place of a mere male to offer advice to your womynspirits, but I couldn't help noticing the controversy surrounding the name of your blog. But do be assured that it's not your fault, as there is no escape from patriarchal and genderist linguistic stereotypes in all human language - I mean of course "huperson language", or should that be "huperdaughter language" - Oh, never mind.

Perhaps, since "herMENeutic" contains those rightly objectionable three letters, you might substitute for it "herpeopleutic" instead. Or, to be more gender-specific (in a good sense, of course), "herWOMYNeutic". Or, my personal favourite, "herFEMeutic".

Notice also the patriarchal oppressiveness found in the pejorative word "heretic". This word must surely be offensive to all womyn. Perhaps such individuals should instead be known as "himetics", and it should follow that anyone who utters himetical statements should be considered guilty of himesy. This would help to counter the western cultural mind-shackle of regarding "HEResy" as something wrong by instead associating error with masculinity.

It's an improvement, don't you think?

Darlene said...

Wow. Such beauty ... such clarity ... such inspiration.

Are you SURE you're a man??

The three of us will certainly discuss these suggestions, although if we decide to adopt any of them, we will unfortunately not be able to give you any credit at all for them. (It would compromise our womanmission ... we're sure you understand).