Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Normal service has been resumed as soon as possible

Regular visitors to this journal will have noticed that no new posts have appeared in the last fortnight. This is the first occasion since the (re)launch of Infelix Ego that Melancholicus has had to apologize to his readers for such an untoward hiatus.

It just happens that at present the author is so busy with work that he hardly has time to lift his head, and in the meantime, patient reader, he begs your indulgence.

Work is such a regrettable thing; it makes one tired, anxious, and steals time away from such valuable pursuits as social intercourse and blogging. True, it provides one with one’s crust, but for Melancholicus it is very much a means to an end, and not something he particularly enjoys.

This spate of frenetic activity will soon pass, and with God’s help we will all be back to normal thereafter.

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konigracing1985 said...

Dearest writer,

I think it strange that this same night I have come across Infelix ego for the first time and I see, also, that you have pondered on the words recently. May they guide you as they have guided me.