Friday, February 29, 2008

Orwellian society update: Germany, Ireland condemned by European Commission

From Catholic World News:

European Commission challenges Ireland, Germany on equality guidelines

Brussels, Feb. 25, 2008 ( - The European Commission is threatening action against Ireland for making Church-run institutions exempt from laws that ban discrimination on the basis of orientation and belief.

Irish law allows Church-related institutions such as schools, hospitals, and social agencies to reject employment applicants whose views or activities would violate religious norms. But Vladimir Spidla, the employment commissioner for the European Commission, has cited that policy as a violation of European law. The Irish government has not yet responded to the challenge from the European Commission. The European Commission is also challenging Germany's policy allowing same-sex couples to enter into civil unions. The European Commission argues that the German policy does not give same-sex couples all the legal benefits of marriage and therefore discriminates against homosexuals.

So much for religious freedom. The commissars of the Brussels autocracy have decided that homosexuality must be accommodated on its own terms, but no such accommodation is in turn to be extended to Christian institutions.

But there is another, vastly more important issue at stake here. Irish law mercifully grants to such institutions a right not to be forced to employ persons whose ethos and lifestyles contradict the moral teachings of the Christian religion. “European law”, however, would revoke that right. But this is Ireland, for goodness’ sake! Since when does “European law” trump Irish law within the borders of this republic? Is Ireland not then an independent state, a sovereign nation, with the freedom and authority to manage its own affairs, to regulate its own government, and to execute its own laws? Shall not the government and people of this nation of Ireland inform this Vladimir Spidla and his commission very politely that they may fuck off with themselves and with their “European law” and their equality legislation?

In this country, we, the people, elect to parliament those whom we choose to represent us in a general election held, under normal circumstances, every five years. After such elections (the most recent of which was held in 2007) the elected members of parliament (Teachta Dála in Irish, hence the abbreviation TD) have the mandate to form, among themselves, the next government, and from the ranks of whom the Taoiseach (prime minister) and ministers of cabinet are drawn. It is these Teachtaí Dála — and they alone — who are charged with the rule of this state, having been chosen for that purpose by the Irish people through the exercise of their suffrage.

The Irish people have not elected this Vladimir Spidla, or the members of his commission, nor have they chosen him to represent them in any capacity whatsoever. Nor is the kind of interference wherewith he has had to affrontery to reproach us provided for in any way by the Constitution of this state.

How dare this man, with his “European law” — which has no authority in this republic regardless of whatever treaties the Irish government may foolishly have ratified since the Third Amendment to the Constitution in 1972 — presume to assert that the laws of this country are “in violation” of norms passed by unelected committees in a foreign country with no authority over this sovereign nation of Ireland.

Ireland has as yet (Deo gratias) made no legal provision for the recognition of pseudo-matrimonial sodomitical unions, although the matter has been raised in the Dáil. Will Mr. Spidla and his commission henceforth attempt to force the hand of the Irish government, and attempt to decree into existence by sheer foreign bureaucratic might a state of affairs which, in time, would have come about in a perfectly legal and democratic fashion owing to the secularisation of this formerly Christian country? Or will Mr. Spidla attempt to have some kind of sanctions imposed on Ireland until this country should comply with his foreign will?

But Melancholicus wonders whether Ireland will not now be expelled from the EU altogether, since the Irish have grievously offended their serious, humourless European neighbours by daring to send a turkey to the Eurovision song contest, thus showing their contempt for that ridiculous carry-on and the way in which it has been manipulated in recent years.

Good luck, Dustin! There is at least one citizen of this formerly free state whose backing you have!

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