Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Orwellian society update: anglican bishop forced to undergo "re-education"

From Catholic World News:

Anglican bishop fined for refusing gay youth worker

London, Feb. 12, 2008 ( - An Anglican bishop has been ordered to pay a heavy fine and undergo “equal-opportunies training” for refusing to approve the hiring of an openly homosexual man for a post in youth ministry.

The Cardiff Employment Tribunal on February 11 settled a discrimination case against Bishop Anthony Priddis of Hereford, ordering the bishop to £47,435 (about $92,000) in compensatory damages to John Reaney, who had complained that the bishop denied him a job as a youth worker because of his sexual orientation. The tribunal ordered that officials of the Hereford diocese who are engaged in hiring employees — including the bishop — should be given training to make them more sensitive to homosexual applicants.

Bishop Priddis said that he may appeal the panel’s ruling.

Let us expose this “equal opportunities training” for what it is: nothing more or less than brainwashing. It is an indoctrination of the kind practiced by communists seeking in a less than gentle manner to wean straying souls away from dangerous counter-revolutionary ideas. Not as overtly violent or psychologically damaging, to be sure, but the principle is exactly the same.

With whom is Oceania at war? Is it Eurasia or Eastasia? Melancholicus does not know, and he doubts that bishop Priddis knows either, but after the equal-ops nazis have done their work, the good bishop will probably be ready to parrot, without a trace of irony, whatever “truths” the henchmen of Ingsoc wish him to.

While Melancholicus does not know the details of this case beyond what has been included in the CWN story quoted above, he would be interested to discover if Mr. Reaney were refused employment solely on the grounds of his sexual proclivities, or if there were other reasons.

But it makes no difference. For once a “minority” of any stripe is refused employment on any grounds whatever, the good people of the middle class, politically correct social elite will assume immediately that such refusal can only be on foot of majoritarian discrimination.

Because Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia.

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