Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The incipient violence of the left, part ii

From Catholic World News:

Leftists disrupt Mexico City cathedral

Mexico City, Nov. 19, 2007 ( - Leftist demonstrators disrupted services at Mexico City's cathedral on Sunday, November 18.

Supporters of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, an unsuccessful candidate in the country's 2006 presidential elections, stormed into the cathedral to protest because the church bells had been rung during their protest rally outside the building. Mass was delayed while the protestors chanted slogans, jostled worshippers, and overturned a pews before leaving the cathedral.

Lopez Obrador's followers, how believe that he was cheated out of a presidential victory by vote fraud, have frequently entered the cathedral to register protests against Cardinal Norberto Rivera, whom they see as an ally of the government establishment.

The church bells to which the demonstrators objected are rung each Sunday, on a set schedule, to summon the faithful to Mass.

Melancholicus appropriated this picture from Andrew’s blog Unam Sanctam. Andrew aptly captions this picture Leftist thugs behaving like animals in God’s house.

Can you, gentle reader, imagine the reaction if a mob of angry Christians disrupted a socialist meeting? There would be outrage in the media, and the protestors would be lashed with the full fury of journalistic indignation.

This because religion is viewed today as something not worth getting upset about, and only Mohammedans do that kind of thing anyway.

Violently protesting in the name of left-wing politics or secular issues seems to be perfectly acceptable, however. There was no outrage in the media over the event pictured here. Apparently, these good leftists were upset because the bells of the cathedral were rung during their little protest meet in the square outside. The fact that the bell-ringing had nothing to do with their presence failed to deter them from this childish and sacrilegious tantrum.

This, gentle reader, is how the adherents of the left behave when they don’t get their way.

While they typically deplore violence used against themselves or their cohorts, they don’t seem to mind meting out precisely the same kind of treatment to others.

We are expected to approve of the left, and to accord it respect as a matter of course. On the other hand, it affords us no such respect. Because we are not socialists, we can be treated with the most offhanded contempt. Human rights, and indeed human life itself, mean nothing to the fanatics of the left; only their own twisted ideology has any importance in their eyes.

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