Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More idiots and their propaganda

The 90th anniversary of the 1917 Russian revolution on October 25th went unmarked by Melancholicus (although he was aware of the date), as the socialists themselves held their peace on that day. Moreover, Melancholicus was glad of the opportunity not to have to note yet another anniversary, especially not one so evil as this.

Now, however, Melancholicus notes to his displeasure that the socialists had not forgotten their cherished anniversary: they had merely postponed their celebrations so as not to interfere with their observance of the feast of saint Che, martyr.

Now the communists are ready to celebrate in great style. The walls, pillars and billboards of the university are festooned with this poster, replete with pictures of Lenin and Trotsky, two murderers if ever there were any (once again apologies for the incompleteness of the image; the original was printed on a typical socialist A3 sheet, which is beyond the scope of my little bourgeois scanner).

The revolution is commemorated as the event “when workers took power”. This of course is absolutely false. “Workers” of any stripe did not take power in 1917 — the bolsheviks did. There is a difference, but one which is conveniently overlooked by the enthusiasts of communism.

The poster advertises the inevitable public meeting; this is due to take place tomorrow, 7th November, in room G109 in the Newman building. Melancholicus is amused by the choice of venue. It is a medium-sized classroom, smaller than the room in which he teaches his module on early medieval Ireland. At most they can expect a crowd of between thirty and forty people, if they even get that many. Still, it is a source of relief that this toxic ideology is not more popular than it is among the students of this university.

The posters advertising this meeting have been paid for by the Socialist Party. This is a political organisation which makes no secret of its admiration for Lenin, for Trotsky and for the bolsheviks. These murderers are held up by the socialists as enlightened teachers of truth; they are presented in the incessant public meetings as examples to be admired and emulated. The Socialist Party in Ireland lacks the numbers and the political clout to impose revolution, Russian style, upon this country; nevertheless, there is no doubt that they would give their back teeth to see October 1917 taking place in Ireland. The fact that such an event taking place here is wildly improbable should not detract our attention from the sobering fact that there are those living among us in this society who ardently wish it, and who, given the opportunity, would be every bit as delighted to spill the blood of “the bourgeoisie”, the religious, the reluctant, or anybody at all less than enthusiastic about the revolution, as were Lenin, Trotsky, Guevara, and countless other utopianist killers. In such a communist paradise, Melancholicus would definitely be for the chop, and that on several grounds — he is an observant Christian, whereas the communists seek to abolish religion (every religion except Marxism-Leninism, of course). He is an academic by profession, and intellectuals of all stripes are considered far too bourgeois to be of much use to the proletariat. In any case, historical precedent shows that scholars and university professors are usually placed fairly high up on the list of those designated as potential counter-revolutionaries and are hence ripe for murder. Furthermore, Melancholicus is publicly on record, on this blog and elsewhere, as being unsympathetic to socialism.

I am wearied with asking the same question over and over again: why does our society tolerate such public sympathy for and identification with an ideology that has caused more suffering and death than any other system of totalitarian oppression in history? What would the public reaction be if such posters were to appear celebrating the anniversary of the rise to power of Adolf Hitler, or the anniversary of the Wansee conference? Yet the principle is the same. Why are we horrified by the murderers of the right, and not by the murderers of the left?

Why, in a civilized society, in which human rights and liberty ought to be upheld, is an organisation like the Socialist Party allowed to exist?

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