Monday, November 05, 2007

Religion of Peace update

This is a sad story. Melancholicus does not envy the stuggles of a Christian father to win justice for his violated daughter in an overwhelmingly Mohammedan land, much less the anguish of her family, never mind that of the poor girl herself.

This brings to mind that post Melancholicus wrote in response to the recent initiative for peace addressed to Christian leaders and signed by 138 Islamic scholars and religious leaders. The criticisms Melancholicus levelled against the initiative are even more pertinent now. While these Muslim leaders are to be lauded for seeking to make common cause for peace with their Christian counterparts, aren’t they forgetting something? It is all very well to talk about big political questions such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, war and international terrorism, but what about the day to day lives of Christians in Islamic countries, lives of people such as Razia, who are subjected to horrific human rights abuses simply because they are Christians, often with no possibility of redress? We say again: before these Islamic leaders, be they never so moderate or such decent men, presume to lecture Christians about justice and peace, let them take note of the appalling abuses visited on Christians and other non-Muslims in their respective jurisdictions, and what’s more let them actually DO SOMETHING about it raher than turning the blind eye of tacit approval. Then and only then will Melancholicus take seriously these extended olive branches.

Until words have been proven by deeds, he will turn a deaf ear to such entreaties, and shall recommend to others that they do the same.

Ironically, the same news page that reports the violence inflicted on Razia also contains a link to an article on the same letter to Christian leaders referred to above.

Underneath the main news story, links are provided to further stories of horror visited upon Christians — in many cases against Christian women — by other devout adherents of the Religion of Peace™; how brave and manly are these apostles of the prophet, when they would visit such violence against women and defenceless young girls.

Razia’s case is particularly poignant because of her forced ‘conversion’. If being raped were not trauma enough, this conversion will hang about her neck like a millstone. It means that in Islamic eyes she is now considered a Muslim, duress notwithstanding. While no Christian church would recognize forced baptism as valid, there is no such restraint in Islam. Razia is now considered to be a Muslim, which means that should she continue to live as a Christian, she will be viewed as an apostate from Islam — which could result in her legal murder by some courageous and magnanimous devotee of Allah.

How sickening.

Where is the justice for this young woman? Where is the justice for any Christian people, terrorized and assaulted by these animals?

As for the signatories of this letter for peace: go and eat your lying words. I hope you choke.

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