Friday, November 09, 2007

Tony Blair, a convert to Catholicism?

While this is good news, especially for Mr. Blair, Melancholicus wishes to remind his readers that converting to Catholicism is not like merely trying on a new suit.

If Mr. Blair is ready now to repent — and that publicly, since these are public sins, committed in his former capacity as head of government — of his well-known support for abortion and for the homosexualist agenda, and of his lies concerning his government’s support for the illegal invasion of Iraq, among sundry other considerations; if Mr. Blair is ready to repent of all these, and afterwards to accuse himself thereof in the sacrament of penance, he may be admitted to full communion in the Catholic Church.

If, however, he wishes to continue reserving for himself the right to choose what to believe and how to behave, as though religion were a purely private and personal matter, he had better remain a member of the Church of England.

There are no half measures in Catholicism. It’s all or nothing. One does better to remain outside than to enter half-heartedly.

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