Friday, December 14, 2007

Visitors and profile views

Melancholicus has just noticed that his profile has, at the time of this writing, been viewed 135 times.

Some of these hits are doubtless owing to Melancholicus viewing the content of his own profile on occasion, but he can hardly have done so THAT MANY times!

Therefore, he must have had a few visitors, and these visitors have doubtless found their way there from Infelix Ego.

Melancholicus has not promoted this blog in any way; he has not informed even friends or family of its existence. He has not thus far even approached fellow bloggers with a view to exchanging links, but has kept himself very quiet in his own little corner of the internet. Infelix Ego he regards as a private journal wherein to ramble on at length about whatever claims his passing interest, even though it is live on the web and can be read by anyone who knows where to find it. Because as far as he knows, no one links to Infelix Ego. No one at all!

But the fact that his profile has been viewed 135 times means that this blog must have some readers, even if they are only of the casual variety who, stumbling upon Infelix Ego by accident, have been so shocked by the right-wing views expressed therein that they have not since returned.

But perhaps Melancholicus has acquired a regular readership, even if it be only one or two souls. It is strange to think of this blog having attracted a reading public in so short a time, especially when it has not been promoted or advertised anywhere else.

So, if Infelix Ego does have any regular readers, Melancholicus invites you to make yourselves known, and to leave a comment or a greeting on a post of your choosing. Especially if you are yourself a blogger.

Don’t be shy. Melancholicus often writes like a grumpy, self-righteous, reactionary curmudgeon, but he’s not such a bad bloke really.

It would be really cool to see if anyone out there has actually found me.



Anonymous said...

Salve Melancholicus. Cognosco quem tu es, quoniam fuimus fratri Fraternitatis paucis annis, sed ego autem nunc in mundo sum. Blog tuum bonum est.

Pax Christi,

Melancholicus said...

A hundred thousand welcomes (as we are supposed to say in Ireland) to you, Domne M.

I believe I know who you are too, given your initials. Would you be from Minneapolis, perchance? And does your name resemble that of this famous Ottoman sultan?

As you are no doubt aware, Domne M., you are the first visitor to this blog to have left a comment. Thank you for your interest, and for your appreciation. Melancholicus is gratified to know that he has acquired at least one regular reader. He is also reminded thereby that the internet is not a private place.

I really must ask, though: how on earth did you find me? I'm not aware of anyone linking to me. I haven't let anyone, let alone any of our brethren at OLGS, know of this blog's existence. But now that I have been found out - and by a former FSSP man, no less - I feel somewhat like the deer caught in the headlights. If one man can find me, so can the multitude. I can just picture all the members of the priests' council looking over one another's shoulders at the computer, shaking their heads and frowning in their unanimous disapproval of Melancholicus' trenchant criticism of The Council, as well as his naming and shaming of certain princes of the Church, not to mention his myriad psychological problems - for it is a truism that when one writes, one reveals one's inner self to the scrutiny of the world - and then thinking, "Well, if he ever wanted to come back here, he's really blown it now!"

But anyway, how are you? Do drop me a line. I believe you have my e-mail address.

And may the blessing of God almighty descend upon you, Domne M., in this new year of Our Lord 2008.

Roz said...

I was surfing the blogosphere, and happened to find your very interesting blog. Possibly God led me to it.

Please "listen" carefully to what I am saying. Most peole who read blogs do not comment. I have met people who have read my blog from literally the other side of the world. A very friendly word of advice: do not use your blog as a personal, secret journal. People get into all sorts of trouble for what they put on their blogs. If you want a personal journal, keep it in a notebook or on a flash drive. Blogs are extremely public. It's best to post only such things as could be safely viewed by one's worst enemy.

Melancholicus said...

Welcome, Roz. It is a pleasure to receive your visit, and thank you for your wise words.

Melancholicus shall return the courtesy and pay your blog a visit forthwith.