Friday, October 12, 2007

They say 'peace, peace', yet there is no peace

Melancholicus is quite impressed. An initiative for peace coming from — of all quarters — the Mohammedans, no less!

From Catholic World News:

Islamic leaders issue call for inter-religious peace

Amman, Oct. 11, 2007 ( - "The future of the world depends on peace between Muslims and Christians." That was the message of 138 Islamic leaders, in an appeal for cooperation with the world's Christians.

Noting that Christians and Muslims together account for more than one-half of the world's population, the Islamic leaders called for cooperation between these two religious groups to reduce international tensions. "Without peace and justice between these two religious communities," their statement asserted, "there can be no meaningful peace in the world."

Quoting from both the Bible and the Qur'an in their lengthy document, the Muslim leaders argued that both Christian and Islam doctrine support the call for inter-religious cooperation that would go beyond "polite ecumenical [sic] dialogue" and ensure genuine commitment to the cause of peace.

The Muslim leaders' statement was sponsored by the Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Jordan, and signed by Islamic leaders from 25 different countries. The message was addressed to the world's most prominent Christian leaders, beginning with Pope Benedict XVI and including the patriarchs of the autocephalous Orthodox churches; the heads of the Coptic, Syrian, Armenian, and Assyrian churches; the Archbishop of Canterbury; the head of the World Council of Churches, and other Protestant leaders.

This is quite interesting. The original document referred to in the news item may be read here (PDF format). The signatories must be moderates, if they are actively seeking to make common cause with Christians. Melancholicus has just one teeny-tiny criticism to make of this initiative. To the signatories of this document I say, “after you.” Let them begin this quest for peace by reining in the militants in their own jurisdictions, and by ensuring the provision of basic human rights for Christians throughout the Muslim world. The violence inflicted by Muslims on Christians in Muslim lands finds no parallel in the vice versa of the Christian west. Where in the world, for instance, are Muslims persecuted for their faith by heavy-handed Christian authorities? In what country are mosques routinely fire-bombed, vandalized, destroyed by Christian mobs? In what country are Muslims subjected to continual pressure to abandon their own religion and adopt Christianity? In what Christian country does the Muslim community live in a perpetual state of servile dhimmitude? In what country do Christians who decide to become Muslims face intimidation and death threats from the Christian community? How many Christians who have embraced Islam been put to death for apostasy by their former co-religionists? In what Christian nation are Muslims prosecuted and imprisoned under blasphemy laws? In what country do Muslims live in fear of being set upon by enraged Christian mobs? In what country are Muslim girls raped by Christian men? In what Christian country are Muslims absolutely forbidden to practice their religion, or any part of it, not even permitted to possess a Qur’an or any other symbol of their faith?

We could go on and on, but doubtless, gentle reader, you have grasped the point. Let these Islamic leaders first set their own house in order before they presume to lecture Christians on the subject of peace and mutual trust.

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