Tuesday, December 18, 2007

100th post!

Melancholicus is sorry to interrupt his readers’ perusal of more important matters with this piece of useless trivia, but he is so excited he simply MUST make the announcement: this is the 100th post on Infelix Ego!

This blog was actually set up as long ago as October 2006, but no posts were actually published until late February 2007. Thereafter about a dozen posts altogether appeared in February and March, after which Melancholicus fell into a despondent funk and abandoned not only his blog but just about everything else as well.

Many months and not a few pills later, at the beginning of October, he decided to resurrect Infelix Ego, whereat he made a complete clean sweep of all that had gone before, deleting the old posts because they pleased him not, and revamping his blog with a new template customised to his liking.

Thereat he began posting again, and his original goal was to publish a modest one post per week. However, he soon found that he really enjoyed this blogging mullarkey, so much so that he has surprised himself by reaching his 100th post before the end of 2007.

Perhaps the time has now come to publicize Infelix Ego, but Melancholicus cannot imagine who on earth would actually enjoy reading his turgid prose.

In any case: ad multos annos!

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