Friday, December 21, 2007

Sshhh! Musn't use the 'C' word!

This post, by His Grace, is both so topical and so excellently written that we just had to reproduce it on Infelix Ego.

Choir excises 'Christmas' from carol

When communicants inform Cranmer of such stories as this, they need to be more mindful of His Grace's blood pressure. Incredible as it may seem, a school choir has replaced the word Christmas in 'Silver Bells' with the more generic 'festive', so that instead of singing the line 'soon it will be Christmas day' they will say 'soon it will be a festive day'. And the reason? Unsurprisingly, in this absurd age in which we live, it is 'so as not to offend any students'; so that 'everybody feels welcome and has a sense of comfort with the celebrations'.

Christians excepted, of course.

On a scale of 1 – 10, this sort of politically-correct revisionist nonsense offends Cranmer 147. It is a Christmas carol, for goodness' sake, and intended for a Christian celebration; not for performance at a meaningless multi-faith mish-mash of politically-correct pointless pap.

Yes, it may be Canada, but the reporting of such an occurrence in the publicly-funded arena in any nation where Her Majesty the Queen plays a constitutional role is concerning indeed. Her Coronation Oath to maintain the Protestant Reformed Religion ought to ensure that Christianity be maintained in the public square; not relegated to the private realm for fear of causing offence. And if that means 'Silver Bells' continue to be rung across the realm and sung about joyously, then those who take offence will just have to lump it.

Just where will all this lead? Festival trees? Merry Winterval? Seasonal diversity parties? One thing is certain: Allah will not be excised from Eid in the spirit of comfort to all, and neither will Mohammed be excised from Ramadan as an expression of goodwill.

But Cranmer is yet to find one personage of minority ethnic persuasion who has actually complained about Christmas. It appears to be a crusade of the post-Christian liberal grinches who are so obsessed with 'human rights' they invoke the spirit of the Inquisition to enforce their godless dogma. And so blinded are they in their quest to eradicate Christianity that they cannot see the uncompromising religio-political force that is moving in to fill the vacuum.

It seems we are moving towards an era when the church's silver bells will no longer be rung under dhimmi laws. And what will that leave us with?

Silver Call to Prayer?

It doesn't quite scan.

With thanks to Cranmer.

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