Thursday, December 20, 2007

Meet Leslie Rohn

At the moment the Mohammedans (some of them, at least) are engaged in the Hajj, that is the obligatory pilgrimage to Mecca prescribed as one of the ‘five pillars’ of their religion, in which they walk around this black oblong Ka’aba thingy among sundry other exercises.

The annual Hajj is such big business for Saudi Arabia that it is second only to oil as the country’s top earner.

Melancholicus was nonplussed when RTÉ radio 1 ran a feature on the Hajj, according this Mohammedan effort a level of respect and religious awe they would never accord to any Catholic pilgrimage to Rome, the Holy Land or one of the Marian shrines.

Yesterday Melancholicus stumbled upon this video of a Muslim woman from America on the Hajj; this was her first experience of this pilgrimage, and she was clearly quite emotional. The Hajj must be to Mohammedans what the Chartres pilgrimage is to traditional Catholics at Whit-weekend, and Melancholicus can identify with such spiritual emotion since he has felt it himself. Chartres, however, does not attract anything like the numbers involved in the Hajj, but on the up side, no one at Chartres has ever been killed in a stampede.

But this American is no ordinary Muslim pilgrim. Her name is Leslie Rohn. She is white. She was not born into Mohammedanism, but chose to embrace it in her adult life. As such, she is a convert. Her former religion: Christianity. Specifically, she was a Catholic.

Now while Melancholicus acknowledges that Ms. Rohn is not without personal culpability in choosing to abandon the one true ark of salvation, i.e. the Church, in favour of the darkness of a wicked false cult founded in the seventh century by a shyster who had stayed out too long in the sun and had a penchant for underage girls, we must at least ask ourselves why she has chosen to do so.

It has always been a mystery to Melancholicus why westerners — particularly those of the female variety — would convert to a religion like Islam, when the track record of the latter regarding the treatment of women especially would hardly inspire much confidence in their future safety.

But the key phrases in Ms. Rohn’s conversion story are that she “had grown dissatisfied with Catholicism”, and that she was “looking for a closer relationship with God”.

This is not a soft, liberal lefty who abandoned Christ in high dudgeon because the Church wouldn’t allow contraception, abortion, homosex, women’s ordination, or any other of the myriad progressivist causes du jour. Rather, this is someone for whom religion is a serious business, and Melancholicus surmises that she must have been so scandalised by the laxity, worldliness and sheer profane goofiness of the conciliar church that she could no longer believe the Church to be a divine institution or the religion professed by the Church to be true.

The Mohammedans, as we all know, take their religion seriously (perhaps a little too seriously). Melancholicus can imagine Ms. Rohn’s joy at discovering the raw bloody meat of Islam after being fed with nothing but the stale, sour milk of conciliar ‘catholicism’. It is a pity that she did not discover a traditionalist Catholic group such as the SSPX before beginning this romance with Mohammedanism; that might at least have given her what she was looking for and kept her in the Church — although the SSPX and the Mohammedans are in many ways not that far apart.

While the decision to become a Muslim was hers and hers alone, this story nonetheless speaks volumes about how Catholicism has been weakened by the conciliar revolution, weakened even to the extent that we are now witnessing defections to the religion of Mohammed. The bishops and theologians of the conciliar church have much to answer for.


Anonymous said...

for once in your lifetime, please do not turn the glass upside down. you won't be able to get the water even a drop of it. just open your heart and mind, remove all obstacle hatred anything. You can throw away the water after you get a glass of it, or at least a drop of it.

Learn the concept, don't learn the religion. there is no such thing is religion towards God. For there is only a Fact that HE preserve for mankind. don't follow news or other religiouse agents or people. ask to yourself, how would you know that Creator of Heaven and Earth give you direction which is right or wrong ? how would you know ? by miracle, by magic, by message or by proof ?? which one do you think will apply to modern civilization ? how would you know that your religion is the right one..the ultimate guide from the source.. The Creator ?? how would you know that ?..what is your theory ?
If you don't know it for sure, how do you decide..which one is the right one, which one is the ultimate message from the Only God ?
do what you want to do, believe what you want to believe, still you don't know anything about whats going on in the life hereafter ? in details...i mean i details..., The Questions, The Time, the Space, The Face, The Shape, The Look, The Book of your life You've been written to,anything... do you know anything about that ??? will be false religion. the true one, is the one who claimed the story of he life hereafter, in details, very me what you know, where do you know that from ?

Dale said...

Nobody is more surprised than me, Leslie's ex-husband from many years ago. Leslie always had trouble with control, in fact she was a condependent controller extraordinairre! It takes time and experience to recognize this and only in the later years of our relationship did I begin to understand what made Leslie tick. She wasn't aware of this problem of course,she felt victimized when in reality, she was the victimizer. Nobody could be more gracious and giving than Leslie. When we first met I was astounded and felt very lucky. Her giving comes with a price though, it's called control. It took a number of years for this reality to become clear to me because her demands were very small until she completed college and then inherrited money from her mother. Until then, she preferred a good meal ticket. Of course she had good reasons to split with me despite the fact that I still loved her. Sadly for her, I was not easily controlled and she became frustrated with my behavior. Inevitably she decidesd to split.

A year or so later, I learned that Leslie had broken off relations with her step-father. She claimed to have undergone regression therapy and retrieved lost memories that incriminated him. The relationship was then damaged irretrievably although I know that he loved and cared for her. It suprised me that she wrote him out of her life. In fact I had seen a documentary that showed that these retrieved memories are often not true at all but instead are implanted by the so called specialists that work with clients to retrieve them. When I brought up this fact, she shut out any possibility that such a case could be true and stood by her decision to break with step-dad.

The point of these stories are two-fold: 1) Leslie has a habit of trying to control and 2) Leslie has a history of serious splits.

Leslie was a always a devout Catholic. She attended to important holy days and practiced with a certain fervor that surprised me. We were married in the Catholic church even though she had been married once before but that marriage was annulled and to show my commitment, I went through months of training to be eligible to be married in the church since I wasn't raised as a Catholic. Apparently I took thiose vows more seriously than her but that is another story.

Now that I understand Leslie better, I suspect she found the Catholic church wanting because despite her devotion, she didn't get what she wanted. remember its all about control!