Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another dream!

L. was in my dreams AGAIN last night.

I wasn’t nearly as depressed when I woke up this morning as on the last occasion I had dreamed about her. Actually, it was rather nice and quite touching — she even kissed me, which her dream persona has never before done. I felt vaguely at peace with God, the world and even myself when I awoke. I had also had a refreshing night’s sleep.

But that’s two dreams about L. in the space of only a couple of weeks. I wonder if God is trying to tell me something?

Should I, perhaps, write to her? Or is it best to let sleeping dogs lie? I can hardly imagine that she is dreaming about me like I am about her, but I already know how she feels. I just don’t know how she’d react after all this time. I guess I feel that by writing to her, I would be disturbing her, or even distressing her by dragging old emotions back up to the surface.

And I definitely wouldn’t want what happened the last time to happen again.

Even though it’s now been a year and a half, it’s not like I’m spoiled for choice now, is it? Nobody has come along to take her place in all that time.

My novena to St. Francis Xavier finishes this evening. I just hope his answer isn’t indecipherably cryptic.

Or perhaps it is best to just forget about women altogether and go back to the seminary ...

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