Friday, October 19, 2007

Consistory report: Armagh to be elevated to the sacred college

The Archbishop of Armagh, Seán BradyThis just in from Catholic World News.

A papal consistory will be held on 24th November, at which 23 new cardinals will be elevated to the sacred college by Benedict XVI. Of Irish interest is the fact that the archbishop of Armagh, successor of St. Patrick and Primate of All Ireland, the Most Rev. Seán Brady, will be among them.

Once Archbishop Brady receives his red hat, Ireland will have three cardinals — Brady, his retired predecessor Cathal Daly and the former archbishop of Dublin, Desmond Connell, although of the three, Brady is the only one under the age of 80 and hence eligible to participate in the next conclave.

Melancholicus wonders if this is the first time in history that there will be three living cardinals in Ireland. Perhaps one of his kind readers (if he has any) would care to enlighten him.

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