Thursday, October 04, 2007


Melancholicus has returned, with a double resolution to maintain his blog on a regular basis, and to say his prayers.

His long absence was necessitated by an acute attack of that malady from which he takes his name, but as he is now in the process of recovery (for which he most humbly thanks those who offered prayers on his behalf, had Masses said, or performed some similar work of mercy), a return to blogdom seems most apposite.

He has also decided to make a clean sweep of all that has gone before, and to start this blog afresh—still commenting on affairs of Catholic interest, but with a decidedly increased dose of acerbicity and cynicism than has characterised his posts hitherto. Personal reflections will also be published from time to time; these will be distinguished from ecclesiastical and political commentary by the fact that they are written in the first person.

Comments from visitors to this blog are welcome, although be warned that Melancholicus will ruthlessly censor anything which, for any reason whatsoever, displeases him.

Because we are embarking afresh on this voyage into blogdom, our links and blogroll section is incomplete. Do be patient, gentle reader, for with time and effort, it will all be put right.

In the meantime, please offer from your kindness an Ave for the intentions of your humble host.

Thank you,

Infelix ego, Melancholicus, peccator

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