Monday, October 08, 2007

The incipient violence of the left

Once again the apostles of tolerance and liberalism have shown themselves... well, intolerant and illiberal. This from Catholic World News:

Graffiti carry threats against Pope

Naples, Oct. 5, 2007 ( - Threats against Pope Benedict XVI have been scrawled on the walls of buildings in Naples, Italy, a few weeks before a visit there by the Pontiff.

Graffiti reading "Death to the Pope" and "Death to Ratzinger" have appeared in the Italian city, where Pope Benedict is scheduled to make a one-day visit on October 21. Italian police officials believe that the graffiti were the work of leftist groups.

In April of this year, death threats against Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco of Genoa prompted police to provide the archbishop, who heads the Italian episcopal conference, with police protection. Those threats-- which also came in the form of graffiti, as well as anonymous letters-- were thought to be the work of militant homosexuals, angered by the Italian hierarchy's opposition to a bid for legal recognition of same-sex unions.

It is interesting that those who demand tolerance and acceptance for their own beliefs and practices are loath to extend the same courtesy to others who might think differently. So much for freedom of thought, never mind freedom of speech. Anything which opposes the onward march of the leftist agenda must be ridiculed and, should that fail to work, threatened with violence. Further comment is surely superfluous.

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