Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Infelix Ego

Infelix ego, omnium auxilio destitutus,
qui caelum terramque offendi.

Quo ibo? Quo me vertam?
Ad quem confugiam?
Quis mei miserebitur?
Ad caelum levare oculos non audeo
quia ei graviter peccavi.
In terra refugium non invenio
quia ei scandalum fui.
Quid igitur faciam?
Desperabo? Absit.
Misericors est Deus, pius est salvator meus.

Solus igitur Deus refugium meum.
Ipse non despiciet opus suum
non repellet imaginem suam.

Ad te igitur, piissime Deus,
Tristis ac moerens venio.
Quoniam tu solus spes mea.
Tu solus refugium meum.
Quid autem dicam tibi,
cum oculos levare non audeo?
Verba doloris effundam,
misericordiam tuam implorabo, et dicam:
Miserere mei Deus
secundum magnam misericordiam tuam.

Unhappy I, of all help bereft,
who against heaven and earth have offended.

Where shall I go? Where shall I turn?
To whom shall I fly?
Who will take pity on me?
To heaven I dare not lift my eyes
for against her grievously I have sinned.
On earth I find no refuge
for to her I have become an outrage.
What therefore shall I do?
Shall I despair? Let it not be.
Merciful is God, loving is my saviour.

Therefore God alone will be my refuge.
He will not despise his own work
nor reject his own image.

To you therefore, most loving God,
sad and sorrowful I come.
For you alone are my hope.
You alone are my refuge.
What however should I say to you
since I dare not lift my eyes?
Words of sorrow I shall pour out,
your mercy I shall beg, and I shall say:
Have mercy on me O God
according to your great compassion.

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