Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The death of the priesthood, and of the Mass: more on those Dutch Dominicans

Recently, Melancholicus posted an item on the scheme of the Dominican order in the Netherlands to replace the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with a lay-led womyn-friendly, homo-friendly, sacrilegious and invalid simulation thereof. Melancholicus is now pleased to offer his readers not only the penetrating analysis of the magisterial Sandro Magister, but also an English translation of Kerk en Ambt, the original document in which the Dutch Dominicans published their heresies (H/T to Dr Philip Blosser).

As Sandro Magister observes, “The experimentation is already underway. In place of the priest are men and women selected by the faithful. And all together pronounce the words of consecration, which are varied as desired. In the view of the Dutch Dominicans, this is what Vatican Council II wanted”.

Can it seriously be claimed that ultimate responsibility for this diabolical perversion of the Church’s sacred liturgy and of the theological truths wherewith the same is underpinned does not extend back all the way to the Second Vatican Council, which made these Dominicans what they are? Are they not, after all, the spiritual heirs of Eduard Schillebeeckx, who was a peritus of that infamous Council and whose influence is stamped all over the documents thereof?

Reality check: here is a view of the Council by one who does not wear the rose-tinted lenses of the 1960s.

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