Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Orwellian society update: plans to outlaw 'inciting gay hate'

This just in from the BBC.

Melancholicus does not advocate violence against those who experience same-sex attraction, nor against those who, experiencing such attraction, choose to act upon it.

However, Melancholicus cannot approve of this move by Jack Straw to outlaw ‘inciting gay hate’ in the UK. What, precisely, constitutes such incitement in any case?

Should this bill become law, it will not only be a crime to express — whether publicly or in private — repugnance of homosexual behaviour. Taken to its logical extreme, it could mean that such seminaries in England and Wales as have not been closed by the conciliar ‘renewal’ may be prosecuted for refusing to admit gay candidates to study for the priesthood.

But what is Melancholicus thinking? It is already sufficient grounds for prosecution in the UK to publish, whether in writing or by word of mouth, disapproval of homosexual behaviour. The love that once dared not speak its name has now become the love one dare not speak against. In 2006, for instance, the then leader of the Muslim Council of Britain was investigated by police for having made remarks on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme which failed to be affirming of homosexuality, although in the end no charges were brought.

This new advance for the lobby of political correctness can only foment further discontent in a society which does not, by and large, share the views propagated by the media and by certain members of parliament. Offering legal protection to a vice until recently considered dangerous and abhorrent, and threatening those who oppose such a move with the strong arm of the law, can only further destabilise and divide British society. But one is forbidden to say so, or even think such, since it might be construed as an ‘incitement to hatred’. One is reminded of the ‘thought crime’ of Nineteen Eighty-four. I wonder, will UK-based ISPs now block access to Melancholicus’ blog, owing to the politically very incorrect views expressed therein? A fortunate thing indeed that Melancholicus doesn’t live in the UK; else he might find Her Majesty’s constabulary knocking at his door.

A final thought: no other group (with the possible exception of militant islamists) expresses a hatred of its enemies with more violence and fury than the homosexualist lobby. If they expect to be treated with courtesy and respect, Melancholicus wishes to request of them that they extend a similar courtesy to the adherents of revealed religion, for whom approbation of homosexual acts and approval of such bizarre social inversions as ‘gay marriage’ are impossible.

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